Falsely Accused

“Have you ever, as a child, been accused of something you didn’t do, either by your parents, teachers or other “authorities?” And if so, were you punished unfairly for something you didn’t do? Do you remember how it felt?

“As you remember, can you feel the frustration, the helpless anger and resentment that you told the truth and no one believed you? YOU know what you did or did not do, and no one can take that away from you. But they have taken away from you the right for that truth to be known by others. And someone else has taken away THEIR right to know the truth. You have been slandered and punished, and there is NO WAY you can ever prove that it was wrong and unjust, and all the other people will have a “history” of you that is false. In fact, this knowledge that others will have false memories of you, will have false ideas about what you did until they die, hurts almost worse than the punishment. What is more, in a vague way, you can perceive that those who believe the lie have been deprived of something valuable about you: the truth that you did not do what you were accused of doing, and that you did tell the truth. A barrier has been erected between you and the others—the barrier of a lie.” Laura Knight-Jadczyk https://salemwitchhunt.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/falsely-accused/

The shock isn’t really the lie of the psychopath (or of the gangstalking psychopaths and their flying monkeys) but the believing by the others.  “Why should you have believed them, no matter what they said?”

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2 thoughts on “Falsely Accused

  1. Many thanks for this.
    I wish I had this piece of writing before consulting a therapist.
    On each occasion over the years that I felt overwhelmed by flashbacks (and the fact that an entire family denies what happened) basically each time I came across a family member who spoke to me as if I were this person of family lore (and that I knew I wasn’t) I was told by a therapist that “different things are true for different people.”
    It only made me feel more crazy – that what I had experienced, according to this therapist, may not even have happened?

    Oh, and all the admonitions to forgive.

    This is the pain that I could not express. That I was being dressed up in clothes that were not mine. Still. Where does forgiveness come into it?


    • The way I look at it, forgiveness is an emotional state and like all emotions appears unbidden or not at all. I have never understood the idea of forgiveness as an act of will. And of course, not every individual would deserve to be forgiven, sometimes it’s a matter of that individual’s true nature having been revealed.

      Why so many therapists are deaf, dumb and blind on the subject of targeting/harassing/interfering psychopaths is a mystery to me.


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