To swing the military back into line, Trump should immediately order that all active generals be tested for psychopathy

Plus include Secretary Esper, and all cabinet members (why not).  The psychopaths would immediately leave in droves (looking totally unconcerned, but then all psychopaths are con artists).

Earlier I had suggested the

The dead child/dust bunny test.  Non-psychopaths’ brains would respond differently to the following two images.  No differentiation would indicate the lack of even a biological possibility of empathy, namely psychopathy (


The problem with the above test is the ‘grandmother and grandson’ picture is so horrible that one has to turn it off emotionally.  So the test has to be done ‘fresh’.

Maybe we should try different photos also.

We need to test this of course.  I’d suggest testing with NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (whom I believe should be arrested for murder,  the covid deaths in nursing homes — that’s what it means to use others as pawns) and NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller.   I’m afraid that Mayor DeBlasio and ex-Commissioner Good Deed Daily will be brutalised by history for not firing Miller and clearing out the other psychopaths from the NYPD.

3 thoughts on “To swing the military back into line, Trump should immediately order that all active generals be tested for psychopathy

  1. I agree with you and the guy who draped the sign that said,”Cuomo killed my Mother” on a overpass would damn sure agree with you so he’s wrong. .


    • Quite frankly, that’s not my problem. Hardly even my concern. There’s no consensus required, there are those who see through a psychopath and the those who don’t. Just as in the pod people movies, the dissemblers always fool the many.

      But let me run a count. I’m sure that Cuomo and Miller know what they and each are. So that’s two. Then one day I was listening to Shep Smith wax lyrical about how great Miller was. Suddenly, I realized that he was a psychopath paying fealty to a greater psychopath. So that’s three. Then there are the 4-5 psychopaths in my building (which is about 1 in 20 / 1 in 25). If I run into one I always know if I’ve hit a home run or not. So that’s about eight.

      I suppose I can’t ask that the previous paragraph convince all, or even necessarily any, reader/s. But what can I do about that — just call ’em as I see ’em. Any reader is free to respond in any way they wish, of course.


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