Normal human eyes, psychopathic eyes

The Bidens are a genetic grifter family (so many of Joe’s oddities can be understood as psychopathic arrested development traits (around age 6-7)).  Hunter is also a psychopath.  They cannot be allowed anywhere near the White House.

Acceptable outcomes:

  1. The election is postponed until the Democrats come up with a non-psychopathic candidate.
  2. The election is postponed until there is a clear and unambiguous test for psychopathy, such as a genetic test.  I believe I could find a precise DNA test, if anyone wants to front me 6 to 10 thousand dollars to enable me to dedicate all my time to this project for a couple months (it might take much less than that).  I believe the information is ‘out there.’  The problem is that the ‘experts’ are probably majority psychopathic themselves, so one can’t just ask them.
  3. If things remain as they are, all normal humans must gather behind the human candidate.  All we need to do, is to tell that to the TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) sufferers.  Oops.
  4. The military takes control of the situation.  How many colonels would be required to take over Northcom?  If Biden were an emotionless, emotion miming alien pod person who developed in his basement and then took over the real Joe’s life, then obviously the military would be entitled (and obligated) to take matters into their own hands.  Same if an alien cockroach had eaten his brains, staying in his skull and manipulating all nerve endings and muscle twitches.  So why not against a genetic “nonhuman human . . . a subtly constructed reflex machine which can mimic the human personality perfectly” (Cleckley,  Literally all of Creepy Joe’s emotional declarations and facial expressions are shallow fabrications.  That’s why they call him Creepy Joe.  Here again, however, is a big problem.  The military would need to clear psychopaths from their own ranks.  Nothing impossible, just not easy.

5 thoughts on “Normal human eyes, psychopathic eyes

    • You’re right, that’s not going to happen. The TDSers I know are becoming more rigid over time and are totally unable to revisit their positions or examine their emotional response. For example, Trump’s ‘grab ’em by the P-word’ quote is taken to mean justifying sexual assault. However it was made in a discussion of groupies who do, in fact, invite their famous/star targets to do just that. These gals are writing their sex diaries. getting together with their friends to compare notes and lie. Time is of the essence, they feel no need to get acquainted over a cup of coffee first, or hangout together to see whether sparks fly or not. I know whereof I speak, I once had a friend who collected bass players of heavy metal bands. She’d invite me over to advise her on the proper attire for the hunt (her exact phrase was to aid her in “slutting herself up”). It’s a long story. My point is that it is not assault if the behavior is invited. ‘Grabbing them by the p-word’ is almost exactly the invitation from groupies (that’s a deficient word) to their targets.


    • You are certainly free to hate Trump and catalog his faults as you see them, as much as you want. But I am confident that he is not a genetic psychopath, Biden decidely is. If I had time I’d delve deeply into his and Hunter’s lives, thinking patterns, dealings, etc. On testing, I’d like to see all political candidates tested (I’m not suggesting that my word carry the day).


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