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That’s combining, of course, the title of Chris Hedges column in Truthdig of Oct. 20 and a phrase from Andrew Lahde’s So long, Suckers letter. Hedges column, including a section of Lahde’s farewell letter: The Idiots Who Rule America The elites have just made monkeys of themselves. The only thing greater than their greed was their stupidity (or is it the other way around . . .). This is, literally, a defining trait of sociopaths — childlike, they just can’t see tomorrow, can’t anticipate the likeliest of events (even the high IQ ones). And then Andrew Lahde comes along and beats them at their own game, beats the Masters of the Universe. Then, sauntering off with his winnings, calls them “Low hanging fruit.” I claim to know the sociopathic mind. If I’m right, then that one is going to hurt.

I don’t know what percentage of the financial elite are actually sociopathic — but that percentage does seem to have been in the driver’s seat. Or maybe it’s simply that corporations, having been given sociopathic freedoms, evolved that way. I tend to think that there’s a bad seed core of actual sociopaths, their corrupt hangers on (IMO the corrupt often seek to learn the secret of conscienceless evil from sociopaths) and then the many who go along to get along.

Sociopaths are non-self referential. They only know they are doing well if others are doing badly. For them, and their corrupt friends, there is no such thing as a rising tide lifting all boats.

What motivates workaholics? A hatred of life. Most people want to work hard enough to take care of their families and a little more. Workaholics live a two-dimensional life: me superior, you POS. This lifeless drive for superiority is all they have — this is doubly true for sociopaths. Lahde: “I will let others try to amass nine, 10 or 11 figure net worths. Meanwhile, their lives suck” So long, suckers. Millionaire hedge fund boss thanks ‘idiot’ traders

It is worth noting that our true leaders are mega-corporations and the mandarins who lead them. The people who we think of as leaders such as politicians are no more than servants or cabana boys and girls to them. They proved this in their rolling over for the “bailout bill” against the clear wishes of the American people.

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