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One thing I’ve noticed about female psychopaths is their complete and total lack of self doubt, they never seem to imagine the possibility of losing, of being seen through.  It’s uncanny — an utter and complete belief in their alternate reality.  One doesn’t usually think of psychopaths as being insane, but female psychopaths of this caliber and pseudologues certainly qualify.

Stacey Castor — nonhuman human, to stop the collapse of her defense against having killed her husband with antifreeze, she poisoned her daughter, framing her with a fake suicide note confessing to the father’s murder.

Black Widow Murderer , Stacey Castor

She was charged with intentionally poisoning her husband David Castor with antifreeze in 2005 and attempting to poison her daughter Ashley Wallace with a toxic cocktail made of crushed pills , vodka , orange juice and sprite. In addition she is suspected of murdering her first husband Michael Wallace


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