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Sam Antar says it all.  Whom he calls criminals, I call sociopaths.

[Sam Antar] was one of the criminal masterminds behind New York’s famous Crazy Eddie scam. He was a CPA, and he was the CFO of Crazy Eddie, and he readily admits to securities fraud, skimming, money laundering through a technique he calls the “Panama Pump”, and a variety of other crimes. He’s a convicted felon.


The above blog also had a comment worth noting:

Wall Street leaders now understand that they made a mistake, one born of their innocent and trusting nature. They trusted ordinary Americans to behave more responsibly than they themselves ever would, and these ordinary Americans betrayed their trust.

Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha.   Bwah, ha, ha.  Or am I slow, is he being ironic?

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