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Dr. Maximilian Muenke has a superpower: He can diagnose disease just by looking at a person’s face.

Specifically, he can spot certain genetic disorders that make telltale impressions on facial features.

Once you’ve done it for a certain amount of years, you walk into a room and it’s like, oh, that child has Williams syndrome,” he said, referring to a genetic disorder that can affect a person’s cognitive abilities and heart.

And that’s an incredibly useful skill, even as genetic sequencing becomes more widespread. For one thing, it can be the factor that sends someone to get a genetic test in the first place. For another, people in many parts of the world don’t have access to genetic tests at all.

That’s inspired years of effort to train a computer to do the same thing. Software that analyzes a patient’s face for signs of disease could help clinicians better diagnose and treat people with genetic syndromes.

Some older attempts at facial analysis relied on large, clunky scanners — a tool better suited to a lab, not the field. Now, in the era of smartphones, such efforts have a whole new promise. Face2Gene, a program developed by Boston-based startup FDNA, has a mobile app that clinicians can use to snap photos of their patients and get a list of syndromes they might have.”https://www.statnews.com/2017/04/10/facial-recognition-genetic-disorders/

You could call psychopathy a genetic syndrome.  There must be an overlap between the listed syndromes and psychopathy (or psychopathies, if there is actually more than one similar syndrome).

Face2Gene is a suite of phenotyping applications that facilitate comprehensive and precise genetic evaluations. (https://suite.face2gene.com/)

So many leads to chase down, so little time.  Any billionaires who want to sponsor my work out there?  It seems like we’re back in the time of the Medicis and one has to find patrons.

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