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(Image from https://www.onenewspage.com/video/20220701/14696735/BREAKING-Dr-Zev-Zelenko-Has-Passed-Away-Fighting.htm)

TRIBUTES have flooded social media after the news that Dr Zelenko – who gained prominence during the height of the Covid pandemic – had lost his four-year battle with a rare form of cancer on Thursday, June 30.


Dr Zelenko – the creator of the “Zelenko Protocol” which earned him a Nobel Prize nomination – passed away after reports that his health had dramatically declined just hours earlier. He was 48.

Dr Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko was a physician, scientist and activist for medical rights and “earned admiration from prominent leaders from around the world”, one person noted on Twitter.

He graduated from SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine in 2000, was Board Certified in Family Medicine and was the medical director at Monsey Family Medical Centre.

Zelenko rose to prominence during Covid-19 after alternatives to the Covid vaccines were dismissed. He invented the “Zelenko Protocol” as a Covid-19 treatment, which is reported to have saved “millions of lives worldwide”.


The hideous New York Times responded true to form.  https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/01/us/vladimir-zelenko-dead.html

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Paterson Sex Scandal In The Works? Media Abuzz About Possible ‘Bombshell’ Storyhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/05/paterson-sex-scandal-in-t_n_451681.html

It seems there is a gang stalking campaign against New York’s governor.  To sociopaths truth is of no value at all — there is no truth value to the truth.  What is of value is what can be made to stick, what can cause damage.

The campaign has taken place across multiple media outlets, in particular, the New York Times, the NY Daily News, the NY Post and the local Fox station, among others.  The campaign seems to have been built on rumors of a yet to be published New York Times article. The New York Times claims no involvement, no responsibility for what other media outlets are doing.  This is sociopathically outrageous and slimy.  The New York Times should have either shut down the rumors by denying the story existed or hurried the article to take the story out of the realm of steamrolling, backstabbing rumor. Then facts or purported facts could be ascertained and dealt with.  However, the accent here was on the steamrolling of a supposed scandal, which formed the basic method of this gang stalking strategy.  From the standpoint of the stalkers, this campaign was designed to gain strength and constantly get bigger over time, hopefully overwhelming the target, Gov. Paterson.

Simultaneously with the rumors of misbehavior there have been multiple stories of Paterson’s plans of imminent retirement.  First they pile on, then they offer a way outThis is a pure sociopathic bullying strategy.

The other day I caught Fox 5 leading off with a story on “What is Gov. Paterson up to” (referring to his possible resignation in face of the supposed scandal).  This of course infers that Paterson was up to something — as opposed to his just standing there, saying ‘What the hell?!  Where are these brickbats coming from?”

I even came across a post on the DemocraticUnderground.com titled “Why the hell is Paterson so determined to stick it out?” http://www.democraticunderground.com//discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389×7687408.  Well maybe false charges don’t scare him?  Personally I wouldn’t cross a street in response to false charges.

However this gives us insight into the sociopathic mind. I have seen many times that sociopaths don’t hesitate at all to accept and take great pleasure in false honors.  The “deservedness”  is of no consequence to them. In addition words seem to have some tangible reality to them, in and of themselves — as opposed to the reality that words only have meaning in reference to what they are describing.  So the falsely gained praise or honor is of great value to individual sociopaths.  Similarly in this case, they seem to be demonstrating that a false attack is just as real to them as a false honor.  Both would apparently hold sway over them personally.  This attack on Paterson says much more about themselves than it does about Paterson.

On the Larry King show, Gov. Paterson made the plea for “simple human decency,” as I recall, in calling for the NY Times to say what they have to say — so he would know what he faced.  Indeed.  It is amazing to me how little simple human decency exists in sociopathic assaults on reputations.  The sociopaths and their corrupt allies have none at all.  If the consciences of the corrupt ever come to the fore, the corrupt look to the guidance of the sociopaths to beat that conscience back down.  This is the true value of the sociopath in corrupt enterprises — they blaze the conscienceless trail.

Strangely, third parties also seem to rarely exhibit this simple human decency, watching disinterestedly from the sidelines while the target writhes like an insect caught in a spider’s web, fighting to regain his feet, his equilibrium.  I don’t know why this is — anyone deserves to know the charges against them, in a court of law or in daily life. Perhaps it’s a combination of most people being unable to conceive of themselves being under this kind of assault, or the bigger the lie the easier it is to swallow, or people just assuming where’s there’s smoke there must be fire.

Here David Paterson did know some of the shadow charges against him.  In other varieties of sociopathic bullying campaigns the target may not know any of the charges and only see “friends” dropping away or feel like the solid earth underfoot has become brittle and hollow.  Or still another variety is invisible to third parties.  The diabolical nature of and effort put into these bullying campaigns can be extraordinary.

Updates with PW comments:

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Paterson Bows Out of N.Y. Governor Race:  http://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/paterson_bows_out_of_ny_governor_race_20100226/

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