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So, . . . if I’m waiting in a cashier’s line in a supermarket and I see a shorter line and move to it, does that demonstrate intent to get around the law and is therefore equivalent to felonious line cutting?

The Democratic Party made a gigantic mistake in not making a cause celebré of the political hit, through the legal system, on Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.  All are now fair game of this weaponization of the law (of course this can also include Republicans).

Psychopaths have no interest in justice, what’s legal or even in following the law.  Their only interest is in damaging those they wish to damage.  The law is only a tool for them, if they can get away with it.  Being in permanent arrested development they truly believe reality is simply a thing that is imposed by those in authority, by power.  “[W]hen we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do” — the code of the psychopath, childish and arrogant at the same time.  Now they apply it to the legal system also.

One of the many psychopathic tells (not sufficient as proof, but worthy of being taken into consideration) is the inability to consider matters beyond their simple narcissistic wishes (the adjective, not the condition).  For example, a psychopathic judge or prosecutor can not comprehend the weight of the issues involved in a recusal or discretion decision.  To them it would be a joke, ‘you mean I can go to a back room, get a back rub, pretend I’m having weighty thoughts and then come out and say I’m not recusing myself?  Bwah, ha, ha ha.” In the Siegelman case, Leura Canary and Mark Fuller come to mind (actually I don’t suspect Leura, herself, of being a psychopath, but the morally corrupt often marry psychopaths forming the phenomenon known as an ‘evil couple’ – it should be noted that she did end up recusing herself officially, but the case was apparently still handled out of her office.  Mark Fuller ended up resigning after being arrested for domestic violence, http://www.jdjournal.com/2015/06/01/federal-judge-arrested-for-battering-his-wife-resigns/, http://legalschnauzer.blogspot.nl/2014/09/reporting-accurately-about-corrupt_5.html) .  For background and a timeline of the Siegelman case:  The Raw Story | Timeline: The political prosecution of Don Siegelman.

We had a U.S. Attorney General who claimed “a vast amount of discretion” in enforcing federal laws.  So I guess it was OK, then, to decide banks were simply too big to prosecute (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/06/eric-holder-banks-too-big_n_2821741.html), this was merely his entitled discretion.  Now that’s a relief, some might have accused Eric Holder of being the criminal inside-man, or of being the keystone in the edifice of a criminogenic justice system that allowed criminal bankers involved in causing the economic crash of 2008 to walk scot-free (since no criminals were brought to justice which would have persuaded other law breakers to change their behavior and since no systemic changes have been made to the economy, we’re due for another crash right around . . . .), or of being the lynchpin in the machinery running a looters’ economy.  A looters’ economy is a contradiction in terms (like a party boat headed for a falls), but this is beyond a psychopath’s ability to reason.

Now Mayor Bill de Blasio is in the cross hairs.

Mayor de Blasio, you need to hire me.  I believe the intention is to imprison you, just as they have Governor Siegelman.  Also, perhaps you are already aware of the high number of morally defective pre-adolescents in the world, but you don’t recognize them or their strategies in time.  Perhaps you are interested in determining which Machiavellians are psychopathic and which aren’t (all psychopaths are Machiavellians but not all Machiavellians are psychopaths).  I can help on all of this.  Further down the road I might also be useful in recognizing psychopathic prosecutors, judges and possible jurors.  Of course many reporters are also psychopathic, pay attention particularly to the arrogant ones, even/especially the subtly but astronomically arrogant ones (this isn’t a contradiction), NY1’s Pat Kiernan comes to mind as possessing these latter traits.

Bill de Blasio, just as an FYI, I’d like to say that I’m a lifelong Democrat, a pro-union, pro-public education, blue-collar FDR liberal.  It might be of interest that I was once the treasurer of an UWS progressive Democratic club and a state Democratic committeeman.

You and I are basically of the same cohort.  I graduated from Columbia in 1979, but spent a junior term at NYU.  In the 1980s I participated extensively in demonstrations against our involvement in the El Salvador.  I’m actually quite proud of several demonstration actions of mine.

For example, I played an unheralded role in a famous exchange.  When George H.W. Bush said “We tried to kick a little ass last night” after his debate with Geraldine Ferraro in 1984, he was speaking to me through the media (https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1984/10/13/bush-boasts-of-kicking-a-little-ass-at-debate/eeb41ba9-3ec1-4f20-961d-79f1ed27099c/).  Shortly before, at the Columbus Day Parade, he and I had had an exchange.  I showed up at the parade with my Mondale signs.  When he went by, I shouted out (and I have a loud voice) “Your boss [Reagan] had his ass kicked in the last debate, Geraldine Ferraro will kick yours, get ready.”  He started pointing at me and laughing.  So I followed, continuing the heckling.  This isn’t really my style, I usually would say what I had to say and then move on, not plague somebody — but he dared me to by the ridicule.  We ended up answering each other back and forth for a couple blocks.  This continued until a security individual in plain clothes grabbed my sign and ripped it up.  The crowd then starting yelling at this individual and then a uniformed cop grabbed me by the shoulders, shaking me back and forth while screaming at me to calm down (all the while I just stood there looking at him calmly) until two other cops grabbed him by the arms and led him away.

Another time that a cop was led away by other cops while threatening me, was during demonstrations before the Iraq War.  Bloomberg had illegally and unconstitutionally prevented the demonstrators from assembling and expressing our grievances.  They had set up numerous blockades to keep the crowds dispersed.  I had four or five successes in breaking these blockades and getting the demonstrators through.  The biggest one was on 2nd or 3rd Ave. which was blocked by some 10 to 12 cops spanning the whole avenue.  I couldn’t engage any of them in conversation let alone persuade them to lessen the blockade (I always talk to cops at demonstrations — normal, quiet voiced conversations).  So I finally said, “OK, we’ll outflank you then.”  They were letting people through on the sidewalks, so I walked downriver from them, stepping into the road, calling for the people of the sidewalks to come out into the street.  We kept getting closer to the line of cops, making their position untenable, crowded on both sides.  The white shirts then called the cops off the line and the crowd burst down the avenue.  One cop, about 6′ 3″ with some 50-60 pounds of muscle on me came over and yelled at me to get out of his sight, before he kicked my ass.  Other cops then grabbed his arms and hauled him away.  I had already shrugged my shoulders and was walking away, I do not engage angry cops.  You can always be arrested for ‘resisting arrest’, it’s a catch-22.

What I’m trying to say Bill, is, I’m here if you want my help.  I’ve got the knowledge and the spirit.  You need the help, I’m sure Don Siegelman thought at first that the legal process would be his friend — it wasn’t.

Of course the legal sphere will be the main arena.  However it needs to be supplemented by psychopathy awareness.  Your defense should be an offense.  Prosecutors, reporters — including editors and publishers (as I’m sure you are aware, this is a PR battle also), witnesses (are they actors in a politically driven setup?), and later possibly, judges and potential jurors need to be studied, their status as possible psychopaths determined.  If so, some should be outed.  In my opinion all prosecutors and judges should be screened for psychopathic brain structures and functioning prior to employment.

There is, obviously, a bigger picture.  They yearn for the corporate ruled globalist world of unfettered greed.  This world is currently targeting the American middle class in an effort to reduce America to third world status (through austerity all middle classes of the world actually) — in the globalist world-to-be the elite doesn’t want to have to bring up the living standards of the world’s masses to the American level, they seek to reduce the American level.  Further, the elite doesn’t want a middle class politically able to stand up to their predations (see Nigeria and the oil industry).  Progressives such as yourself and Don Siegelman cannot be allowed to succeed in defending the American way of life, with the majority being middle class and the masses leading lives of dignity.  This isn’t your individual fight, it’s much bigger.  You and Don have simply been targeted by the tip of the spear.

Psychopaths want a dog eat dog world, with only rabid gigantor dogs left standing in the end.  This is their world, controlled by simple power and foodchain calculations.  It’s a game they can play.  Further, as part of their devastating personality wide arrested development, they aren’t self referential — they can’t enjoy the caviar, without seeing others eating dirt.

Please do not underestimate the battle you are in.

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Some of you may have read my earlier post, “Are SAPs (Socially Adept Psychopaths) real?” (https://pathwhisperer.info/2011/09/20/post-redux-are-saps-socially-adept-psychopaths-real/).  The term was invented by Roger Canup below (now findable only in the Wayback Machine):

“In the last section I pointed out that the problem of plausible lies is the most serious problem facing humanity today. I will now discuss the people who have been telling plausible lies: the Socially Adept Psychopaths or S.A.Ps (pronounced SAPS) of the world. An example of S.A.P. thought processes is in order.

Most people have heard of Ted Bundy; the serial killer who was executed in Florida several years ago. Not many people are aware of the fact that Bundy was studying to become a prosecutor, and that eventually he hoped to become a judge. Those that do know that fact see it as some strangely ironic twist – an inexplicable quirk in Bundy’s bizarre makeup. It never seems to occur to most people that the perfect place for a psychopathic serial killer to hide in society is as a prosecutor or a judge; but I assure you that it occurs to the Psychopaths of the world. I would estimate that about 10% of the prosecutors and judges in the United States are in fact, S.A.Ps. The ONLY difference between them and Ted Bundy is that they were able to control outward signs of their Psychopathy until they achieved their goal of being in a position of authority.  [PW:  Ted Bundy, and the world, had the misfortune that he was also criminally insane and could not stop himself.  More:  https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2009/10/08/open-letter-to-alice-miller/.]  I will quote from my novel “Unsuspected” to show how a psychopath views the position of Judge.

‘John had one overriding dream; to become a judge. Here was the greatest reward possible for a psychopath: to put on the royal robes of the judiciary – to become a demigod – to have others plead to Him and beg His indulgence, to have everyone rise in awe and respect when He entered the room, for His word to literally be law, to be able to create an almost endless amount of human misery, just because He could, to punish summarily anyone who, quite correctly, displayed contempt for Him, to have the power of life and death over people, to be granted the only royal title available in the United States: “Your Honor”.

How brilliant of his predecessors to slip that one past the watchful eyes of the founding fathers – who sought to establish an egalitarian society free of the mental disease of royalty. There are, he reflected, no “Your Majesties” or “Your Excellencies” in this country, but we quietly fooled everyone into accepting “Your Honors”.’

What is it that S.A.Ps are attempting to achieve? Once again a quote from my novel may explain that.

‘John House slept soundly. In his dreams he and his kind had finally succeeded in reshaping the world into the image they wanted: the dark ages had returned. Once more the plague swept unchallenged over the country side. John could hear the voice crying out in the mud street in front of his hovel: “Bring out your dead!”

John was in his glory. This was life the way it was supposed to be. He was the new Torquemada: randomly selecting anyone who was unscarred by smallpox for a session on the rack; since anyone who had escaped disfigurement had obviously signed a pact with the devil. Here at last was an era where John and his kind could feel good by comparison: with so much misery around him John knew he was better off than those he could see dying in squalor and ignorance. John reveled in the suffering of all about him. He did what he could to make that suffering worse; no agony was so great that John House could not add to it.’

It is difficult to believe that huge parts of society have been built with the guidance of the mentally ill; but they have been. The average person is heavily invested in doing things the way Psychopaths want them done, and is unaware that the things that the S.A.Ps have them doing are psychopathic. 

What evidence do I have that S.A.Ps are running things? Here is an example: Almost every newspaper in the United States has a S.A.P. monitoring the letters to the editor section. This is because the letter to the editor section of a newspaper is one outlet of the truth, and needs to be monitored to insure that no one accidentally stumbles across any part of what is actually going on. Following is a letter to the editor of the Houston Chronicle:

“It is time that the self righteous bubble surrounding the new topless dancing laws in this city was burst.

Many people, out of ignorance, have shame about anything sexual. This is a point of view which comes from not understanding the Yin and Yang nature of reality. In general good things are done out in the open and bad things are hidden. However, there are some bad things, like war, which are done in the open, and some good things, like surprise parties, which are hidden. Because of the fact that bad things are generally hidden – people tend to have a vague sense of shame about sex because sex is normally not seen.

Sex is hidden – not because it is bad or shameful – but because it is a physically dangerous time. Primitive people having sex in the open were vulnerable to all sorts of attack. For safety reasons our ancestors learned to hide their sexuality. We are descended from people who hid sex for good reasons. We have continued their behavior without understanding the reasons for it.

Of course there are those for whom an obvious truth like I just pointed out is not enough; they believe only in Higher truth. For those people here is the religious truth:

Who created sex, God or the devil? Obviously God did. Who created shame of sexuality, God or the devil? According to Genesis, God created mankind ‘naked and unashamed’, it was the devil who created shame about sex, not God. Whose work are you doing when you preach shame of sex, God’s or the devil’s? It is not God’s truth you preach, but the devil’s lies. Would you tell God that He needs to be ashamed of His finest work? That is what you are doing.

Now you have a terrible problem, before you learned the truth – you could weasel your way into Heaven with the following: “How could I have known? I thought I was doing good, I thought I was doing Your work”. That excuse won’t work any longer; now you know. The devil is the master of the believable lie, and the lie about sex is one of his best. If you continue to believe the devil’s lie and do his work by preaching shame of sexuality I promise you – Heaven is not your final destination.”

This is a profound letter – I think that no one but a S.A.P. would disagree with that assessment. Doubtless there are any number of plausible lies that could be given to justify not publishing such a letter: “It offends established religion” or “It is too controversial and radical in nature” or “It is an affront to the sensibilities of the average person” or “It doesn’t meet our editorial standards”. The truth is that it works against the hidden agenda that S.A.P’s hold dear; it might allow people to increase their happiness levels; something which no S.A.P. wants to ever see happen. Here is what the Houston Chronicle published when sent that letter:


Absolutely nothing. Were this the only example I could give I would not have enough data to draw any conclusions, but it is far from the only example. There is a general rule which I have learned is useful in studying events which occur in life: “If it happens once that could be chance; there is little to get excited about. If it happens twice; that is likely a coincidence. If it happens three times out of three; there is a trend line that warrants investigation”. I have sent enough profound letters to the editor for me to reach this conclusion: there is at least one S.A.P. who is influential in the editorial decision making process at the Houston Chronicle.

The truth is: the above letter would not be published in any newspaper in the United States. S.A.Ps understand the importance of controlling the ideas to which people are exposed; people stumbling around in the dark are much less likely to uncover the truth than those who have the benefit of the light.

As an experiment interested readers might try sending letters – containing the phrase “plausible lies” or which touch on the existence of Socially Adept Psychopaths – to the editor of their local newspaper, to see if any of them get published. I have done so repeatedly. None of them have ever been published. I have however, succeeded in having letters which deal with the conventional point of view published in the same paper. I suspect that if you run this experiment you will reach the same conclusions about your local paper that I have reached about mine. In my experience newspapers will publish letters to the editor which deal with the mundane; never those which are profound, or which question the propriety of the existing social structure.

The S.A.Ps have a problem, and it is a terrible problem: there is no way for them to control the Internet. As the Soviets found out; if people are given free access to information, there is no way to stop the truth. The information exchange which is possible over the Internet represents mankind’s true “last best hope”.”

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PW posts on SAPs:  https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2011/09/20/post-redux-are-saps-socially-adept-psychopaths-real/https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2009/04/15/sociopathic-through-lines/, https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2014/03/27/search-the-subtle-arrogance-of-psychopaths/, and https://pathwhisperer.wordpress.com/2010/08/10/search-are-bankers%C2%A0sociopathic/.

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