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The Talented Mr. Gerhartsreiter

Phony Rockefeller

Eyed in 1985 Case – Cops Say Suspect Is German Con Man

Multiple identities.

Claim of amnesia.

Repeatedly inspired confidence.

Ease of lying.

Full expectation that lies will be believed.

Unlimited nerve.

The complete chameleon.

A special report in the Boston Globe (by Levenson & Ellement) on Clark Rockefeller:  Detailed story

To the present:  Liane Leedom, over at Lovefraud Blog, asked readers to support Sandra Boss (Christian Gerhartsreiter’s ex-wife) in the blogs, particularly at the Boston Globe, http://www.lovefraud.com/blog/2009/06/02/lovefraud-extra-lets-support-sandra-boss/#comment-38323.  Here’s my post (which includes my post in the Boston Globe):

OK, I posted a comment there. I strongly believe that psychopaths of his caliber are a danger to society, a danger society must be protected from. Involuntary commitment to mental hospitals should be applied to them, with different rules of evidence than required in legal proceedings (but that’s another subject). Anyway, the post:

“Clark Rockefeller” is the real mccoy, a psychopath in full expression, the equivalent of an alien masquerading as a human. Whoever finds the distinctions between his DNA and the norm would win a Nobel Prize.

Psychopathic conmen/bullies move in on their victims inexorably, like rust. His aim from the start was to undermine her personality, her self trust, her strength of character. That he was willing to spend years doing this, single mindedly, is one of the traits of psychopaths. That she lost her ability to defend herself is tragic (that she was able to gain it back, is to her great credit).

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