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1.  Merely coming up with the idea. Sociopathic groups often betray their sociopathy through groupthink reasoning that only makes sense to them — leaving others saying:  “Huh, wha??” or “Sure that makes sense, . . .  if you’re a Martian.”  They often seem to enter an “Alvin and the Chipmunks” echo chamber — “yeah, yeah, yeah, what he said”, “brilliant, simply brilliant,” “indubitably”, etc., etc.  You have to remember that sociopaths are all permanent children through arrested development.  The adult world makes no sense to them — and in groups they’re prone to huge errors of understanding.

2. Legality means nothing to sociopaths (in fact, such reasoning is beyond their development stage), power everything.  The searches are blatantly unconstitutional, but to sociopaths the Constitution is merely a piece of paper.

3.  Normal, straight males have a very strong aversion to contact with other males’ genitals (and I imagine gays would want some mutuality of desire).  The TSA molesters don’t seem bothered.  To a sociopath, contact with genitals would be no more that touching someone else’s feet, for example.  (The same is true for sociopathic lovers, sexual contact has no more meaning for them than any other physical contact, say rubbing someone’s ears.)

4.  The enhanced patdowns don’t merely replicate the perv scanners, they go beyond them.  Are they designed as punitive molestations to force the compliance with the scanners?  It seems so.  How is this not a crime? http://www.consumertraveler.com/today/tsa-admits-to-punishing-travelers/

5.  Molestation is defined by the experience of the target.  If the targets say they feel they are being molested, they are.  Individuals don’t usually feel molested by the medical examinations — if they do, the doctor is often investigated and sometimes arrested.  (Incidentally, if a woman says that her lover (hopefully ex-lover) left her feeling molested, her lover was almost certainly sociopathic (and in dominance mode, to cut a long discussion short).)

6.  The TSA supervisor molesters and molesting agents have shown no sensitivity to youth or cultural sensitivities.  This should not be.  The percentage of damaged, corrupt, and/or sociopathic individuals in the TSA seems too high.  My daughter is very shy and she was so embarrassed she will never fly again,TSA Defends Screening of Indian Ambassador.  What is wrong with these people, where are their normal human instincts?

7.  On National Opt Out Day, the TSA sought to outflank the protesters by not using the porno scanners. . . .  Hello?  Why not announce then that they aren’t really necessary?  Again, I see this as a sociopathic groupthink error — very childish, only incomplete reasoning would lead them to think this was the way to win (and was a win).  http://wewontfly.com/why-the-tsa-cant-back-down

8.  In the blogosphere I have run into many complaints over calling TSA agents molesters, usually by posters who I considered to often use sociopathic thinking patterns.  Remember, sociopaths live in a pejorative universe, it’s the emotional connotations of words that have meanings to them.

We are fortunate that this reaction was caught on tape, after bragging about what a great liar he was, David Hampton (the model for the story of Six Degrees of Separation) threw a glass of wine in Keith Morrison’s face for his calling him a “Goddamn liar.”  (To my loyal readers, who read every post, please forgive such repeats. . . .  Hello?!  Loyal readers??!)

My take on this, is that we should use the most pejorative (and childish) terms available when discussing the TSA and its freak molester employees.

9.  The whole Antfarm World mantra of If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”  Sociopaths, with their incomplete psychological/soul development never have any desire for privacy concerning matters of a personal nature .  They experience no sphere of soul intimacies.

An e-mailer to Jack Cafferty of CNN once said that if anybody was watching him and his activities in the bedroom, his only hope was that they were having as much fun as he was.  This individual was a sociopath.

10.  The TSA’s lack of awareness of the danger of the X-ray scanners to both the public and their own employees.  Sociopaths never internalize simple physical law cause and effect.  Their childish universe is magical, not scientific.  (I first read this idea in a UK workplace bullying site, that I have since lost.  It’s a very powerful sociopathic organizing principal or throughline.)  Review of the TSA X-ray backscatter body scanner safety report: hide your kids, hide your wife, Radiation scientists agree TSA naked body scanners could cause breast cancer and sperm mutations.

I understand that TSA won’t allow its own employees to wear radiation measuring badges.  This is outrageous.  These machines are controlled by software and have the capability of giving full power x-rays.  Does every airport have a technician and software expert on duty all the time?  TSA Employees Finally Catch on to the Radiation Risk.

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