Search: “when a sociopath narcissist is told by bosses to stop harassment what happens”

It depends.  Mostly on how seriously the sociopath takes the threat from the bosses (following the dictionaries and the scientific literature I use the words sociopath and psychopath as being synonymous).  Might clean up his act immediately.  Or might get more devious.

I once was running an evening shift at a presentation center without having hiring and firing powers.  A sociopathic employee came to realize this and simply stopped doing his fair share of work and paid my requests no mind.  Upon being upbraided by our boss, he instantaneously became my best friend and started working hard again.

But that wasn’t a harassment situation.  Sociopaths who go in for harassment and puppet master manipulations seem to really love doing so.

Hopefully in this situation, the bosses won’t give him/her more than one chance.  If they were truly aware of the individual’s character they should have fired him immediately, leopards don’t change their spots.