Email from a sufferer

“I have been tortured and harassed through the legal system for the last 9 years by a sociopath who is relentless and determined.  This sociopath has no fear and is so crooked that it is astounding that all of his behaviors and patterns have allowed him to continue his onslaught without the focus turning on him where it truly belongs.  Any advice?”

I just saw this email.  Advice?  This whole blog is advice.  Specifically, document everything.  Prove lies, if at all possible.  It’s truly astounding that witnesses, including non-sociopathic judicial system employees, mis-translate outrageous sociopathic misbehavior into understandable, to them, pablum.  There seems to be a need for normals to deny the possibility of sociopaths that can fool them.  They refuse to give up the fairy tale that we are all brothers and sisters under the skin.

I wish I could give more useful advice, but keep up the morale and keep up the fight.