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Originally I was thoroughly a Democratic progressive MSNBC listener.  My conversion happened during the Obama Deception presidency.  Also originally I distrusted the Tea Party.  It now turns out that they are, just about, the Constitution’s only organized defenders.  Occupy, Tahrir Spring, etc. have come and gone, the Tea Party is still here, congratulations.  Progressives, imo, have proven to be more interested in basking in their own goodness than in dealing with the real world.  Finally I consider today’s Democratic Party to be the retard children led by the evil.  It’s a cult of true believer koolaid drinkers.  Delusional fools, arrogant to their bone marrow.

I now consider the progressive movement back to the liberalism of the 60s to be fraudulent, a system designed to make the adherents feel good about themselves while accomplishing next to nothing. Or even contributing to evil outcomes, such as creating an antipoverty mechanism that destroys the nuclear family, or giving ex mental inpatients ’50 dollars and a bus ticket’ and then congratulating themselves on their goodness at having freed the mental patients.

I was guilty of some of this, but definitely believed the movement was reformable. I no longer think so. I am now an independent who votes for the constitution, economic nationalism, a middle class based society, America first, anti-globalism, effective democracy, etc.

I just edited some old posts to avoid confusion. Some of the above were added as a note.

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‘Let them die!’ Tea Party fanatics in debate audience shout at GOP candidates to leave uninsured ill people to fight for themselves



Sociopaths hate being asked to be generous or to consider the wellbeing of others.  Emotionally/psychologically it “hurts” them.  Literally they have never crossed into the “OK, I’m now able/willing to share my toys” stage of childhood.  They still resent being asked and like young children get angry at being pressed beyond their development stage.

Elsewhere I have suggested it might be possible to pin down a sociopath’s approximate age level (somewhere in the latency period) but their development is a very odd amalgam with some incredibly young traits.  The above is one, another is their inability to differentiate between the self and the self’s emotional desires (to them these are not two things).  Being emotionally thwarted is taken to be an attack on the self.

True adult Tea Partiers should take over the movement.  I am sure there are many sincere members who seek to restore constitutional government and a true democracy that reflects the wishes of the citizens.

[NOTE (9/4/22):  The real Tea Party is described in the last para above.  I was overly influenced by small numbers ‘acting badly’.

Plus progressives, such as my earlier self, ‘follow the crowd’, like most people.  Plus they have an unstated belief in a ‘community of the wise’ — located in such publications as the NY Times, The New Yorker, the Atlantic, and in the universities, etc.  In my experience progressives will believe ‘university studies’ over their own eyes, for example when driving through hollowed out towns on the old US Highway system that goes from Main Street to Main Street.

If interested see https://pathwhisperer.info/2022/08/29/brief-note-on-my-political-journey/.]

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