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Originally I was thoroughly a Democratic progressive MSNBC listener.  My conversion happened during the Obama Deception presidency.  Also originally I distrusted the Tea Party.  It now turns out that they are, just about, the Constitution’s only organized defenders.  Occupy, Tahrir Spring, etc. have come and gone, the Tea Party is still here, congratulations.  Progressives, imo, have proven to be more interested in basking in their own goodness than in dealing with the real world.  Finally I consider today’s Democratic Party to be the retard children led by the evil.  It’s a cult of true believer koolaid drinkers.  Delusional fools, arrogant to their bone marrow.

I now consider the progressive movement back to the liberalism of the 60s to be fraudulent, a system designed to make the adherents feel good about themselves while accomplishing next to nothing. Or even contributing to evil outcomes, such as creating an antipoverty mechanism that destroys the nuclear family, or giving ex mental inpatients ’50 dollars and a bus ticket’ and then congratulating themselves on their goodness at having freed the mental patients.

I was guilty of some of this, but definitely believed the movement was reformable. I no longer think so. I am now an independent who votes for the constitution, economic nationalism, a middle class based society, America first, anti-globalism, effective democracy, etc.

I just edited some old posts to avoid confusion. Some of the above were added as a note.

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