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No.  1) Psychopaths are fully evolved intraspecies predators.  2) There is no relationship whatsoever between narcissists and psychopaths, the first is a psychological/emotionally disturbed condition (or maladaptation, or choice), the second is a biological condition.  They only appear similar.

More:  https://pathwhisperer.info/2016/03/24/psychopathic-tadpole-drains-normy-tadpole-of-life-forcejuices-biological-instraspecies-predators-parasites-cheater-strategists-and-sneaker-males/.

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All narcissists are delusional.  They have a delusional view of themselves and a pathological self involvement.  Sociopaths will mirror this delusion (manipulating the emotionally mentally ill is one of their highest skills) and they will make the narcissist feel the self involvement is normal.

Narcissism is actually a confusing term, there are at least three pathological types that I know of:  garden variety, malignant and rigid.  Rigid is the one I am most familiar with — the narcissism of Scott Peck’s People of the Lie, aka, the perfect, the mentally ill evil.  They have zero consideration for anyone else, their whole psychic universe is organized around protecting their perfectness.  This is why they give up the lived life, they gain total perfection.

The rest of us go through life with daggers of defeats, failures and regrets attached to our backs that tweak us now and then, because we have consciences.  Narcissists know none of this, never having made a mistake in their lives, leading a life absolutely without error (as long as they can maintain the fiction).  But the maintenance of this false world is exhausting, turning to sociopaths for enabling must be such a relief.

They are so lacking in empathy that they are often mistaken for sociopaths themselves, I term them one of the faux sociopathic states.  Joining with a sociopath mirrors their vast selfishness and disregard of others.  They often pair off with sociopaths to form an evil couple.

Furthermore, there is a phenomenon known as narcissistic catastrophe (at least for the malignant and rigid types).  The catastrophe occurs when the edifice of the false self is overwhelmed by reality, when the betrayal of their own soul is overwhelmed by their own soul needs.  At that point they are lost at sea, unable to recognize friend from foe, in personality meltdown, they probably feel they don’t even know themselves — permanent psychotic dissociation is an extreme danger.

At this point they need protection both from themselves and from sociopaths (for whom they are now like an artist’s palette).  I actually knew a rigidly narcissistic therapist to throw such a client to sociopathic manipulators.  Narcissism is that evil, almost like a personality virus that won’t allow anyone under their influence (even their own child or client) to escape narcissism to live a lived life, a soul life.

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Quoting Liberty from Lies quoting Kathy Krajco:

Facing Facts

One reason why the victims don’t face facts about a narcissist is because we don’t want to face the fact that we mean nothing to them. The ego doesn’t want to know that. For, being valued by another at absolute zero is a degrading value judgement.

When this is someone in your family, that fact is traumatic. We think about how much we have loved them, how often we have stuck up for them, how many times in the past we sacrificed for them. And here all along they cared NOTHING for us in return!

They just fed off us like a parasite, taking us for a sap.

This is why denial is so dangerous. Facing facts, no matter how unpleasant, is better. Because when you do address the issue in your mind, you see who is degraded by the narcissist’s refusal to relate humanly to human beings.

Not the human beings, that’s for sure.

Knowing that makes you able to accept the truth about them. And when you accept the truth about them, you break the cycle of abuse.

Kathy Krajco [who passed away unexpectedly and suddenly]


What Kathy termed narcissists I would term sociopaths (or psychopaths).

From transsociopathica:

For a normal human being at the end of a relationship with a Demonic Sociopath Entity, one of the most startling aspects/horrors of them ending a relationship with you is how they can literally switch you off as if you never existed.


One of the reasons that narcissists are often confused with/considered sociopaths is that they can do the above also.  Without going into it here, I think narcissism is a deep psychological choice but sociopathy is an alternate genetic arrangement.

I often feel I should be spending more time posting, but as you can see there is a lot out there.

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