Psychopathic doctor, Martin MacNeill, on trial for wife’s murder

The young couple

The young couple


Married happiness

Engagement celebration of Martin and Gypsy

Engagement celebration of Martin and his mistress, Gypsy

While caring for her mother after the surgery, Somers said she heard a bombshell just days before her mother died. “A few days before her death, I was helping her wash her hair and she turned to me and said, ‘Alex if anything happens to me make sure it was not your father,'” said Somers.

Michele MacNeill, the murdered woman, should have taken her fears seriously.  People always tell themselves not to be paranoid, unfortunately.  There was even a case of a husband who doubted his wife so strongly that he slept with a gun, she waited until he was asleep and shot him in the stomach, killing him.  She claimed he had rolled over onto the handgun (didn’t get away with it though).

From an earlier post,

If their girlfriends, who they ended up murdering, and victims of other psychopaths had known enough about sociopathy to suspect it, perhaps they wouldn’t have gone back one last time, or gone back alone to retrieve their belongings, or tried to do the right thing and explain in person why they were leaving, or tried to stay just friends, or agreed to meet in private, etc.  In my opinion, it’s incredibly irresponsible of law enforcement and the media not to inform the public about sociopathic criminals.

Dan Abrams says he’s almost never seen a case with this much evidence without charges being filed for years as happened in this case.  I would suggest investigating the local police department and investigators plus the DA’s office for possible protecting sociopaths.

6 thoughts on “Psychopathic doctor, Martin MacNeill, on trial for wife’s murder

    • Ouch. This is sort of the worst of all possible outcomes. There should be a psychiatric involuntary commitment option. If she’s judged a mentally ill danger to society then she should be kept away from society. I would suggest brain scans looking for psychopathic structures and if present then involuntary hospitalization.

      However she might very well not be psychopathic. The unattached (she apparently didn’t attach emotionally to a caregiver during her initial eight months as an orphan in a Romanian orphanage) are often mistaken for psychopaths, but are actually faux psychopaths with no relationship to true psychopaths at all. Theoretically they could be reached through therapy, perhaps through art therapy since the therapist needs to reach her early nonverbal self. Therapy is always about reaching the individual at the time of the soul injury who is actually still present in the adult personality. When you have individuals who both failed to attach in infancy and are genetic psychopaths is when you get the really adept serial killers such Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer.


      • BC Canada is home to Dr Hare. This young lady was tested as a full out and out psychopath. Her adoptive parents did what they could to socialize her, but fear her after she killed the family pets. They believe she is a danger to society, hence the watch.
        I doubt this young lady can be helped through therapy.
        I am intrigued by your theoretical belief that therapy can help the injured soul. At what point is it that psychopaths turn off from any kind of therapy? I am a believer that there are those that simply do not nor ever will have a connection to their soul due to faulty brain connections. I also believe it is not an accident of nature especially as there is an inherited disposition to psychopathy. From any conversations I have read or had with diagnosed psychopaths, especially those past a certain age, they are quite content to be what and who they are…. scary to find tis out. You may describe me as cynical but to be honest, it answers a lot of questions about human life and why their are soulless people in the world. I agree that damage to good souls can happen due to environmental conditions, but it is not a given.
        Not all injured souls grow up to wanting to kill other humans.


        • Actually my point was that IF she actually wasn’t a genetic psychopath then she might be reachable by therapy. Adoption past infancy is very dangerous, you simply don’t know what the child went through. Many may appear to be psychopaths but aren’t. Psychopaths, however, can never be reached by therapy and are not created by their environment, I believe. Psycopaths aren’t soul injured, they don’t have souls. I think we agree more than we disagree.

          Regarding souls, more precisely, psychopaths never reach the stage of psycho/sexual development that constitutes an adult’s psyche. Souls or the psyche (the home of the deepest-truest-unconscious-needs) are what comes to the fore during dreaming. If anyone has any knowledge of psychopaths’ dreams please share that knowledge. Are there any dream sequences/descriptions in any of Norman Mailer’s novels (

          Steinbeck (East of Eden) on psychopaths: “I believe there are monsters born in the world to human parents…. The face and body may be perfect, but if a twisted gene or a malformed egg can produce physical monsters, may not the same process produce a malformed soul?”


  1. I agree that people ought to be made aware of a psychopath/sociopath once they have been caught in any criminal act and likely tested in prison. There is a young woman in BC Canada who killed animals (2 I believe) while at university taking courses in criminology. She happened to tell someone about her killing the animals. Her parents are in fear of her. They fear for their other children and will pay her keep but do not want her living with them. She did spend time in jail. She is being watched, but is it enough? She has not killed a human yet…. YET being the operative word. She is being watched as she is a danger to society, so all that can be done is to expose her.


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