‘Trust me, I’m a doctor, this is a medical treatment’ — Dr. Larry Nassar, psychopath, molests young female gymnasts for 20 plus years

Larry Nassar Was A Master Manipulator, But He Didn’t Act Alone

144 Women and Girls To Make Victim Impact Statements at Larry Nassar’s Sentencing

Sexual molester Larry Nassar played the victim in court

Michigan State employees reportedly knew about Larry Nassar’s abuse and did nothing

This saga raises numerous issues.

    1. Obviously he was enabled and protected by others.  I’m sure this included otherwise noncriminal psychopaths.  Protecting other psychopaths (from the empath world) is almost their prime directive — second to protecting themselves of course, but just barely, they take huge risks for each other. . . . But, but . . . are these really risks if no one ever recognizes what the enabling psychopaths are doing?
    2. How could he think he could get away with this, I?  Should psychopaths be considered psychotic as well as congenitally morally insane?  . . .  But, but . . . if he got away with this so long, is it still psychotic of him to think he could?  Who’s more psychotic, psychopaths or those of us operating from ingrained assumed normalcy/similarity bias?  Doctors aren’t supposed to be this aberrant, thus many wouldn’t/didn’t even entertain the possibility.
    3. How could he think he could get away with this, II?  Psychopaths are in a state of personality wide arrested development.  Time doesn’t go by for them.  They are all Peter Pans. Only outside forces would cause a change of behavior.  As far as he was concerned he had a winning system.
    4. Where was the press prior to 2016?  I’m getting more and more convinced that the protection of psychopaths, that the hiding of the true number of psychopaths is not a passive failure of the press, but an active, purposeful effort.
    5. If the press had done it’s job maybe some of the adults told would have thought, “well that’s a very strange story, doctors aren’t supposed to be that aberrant — but perhaps Nassar’s a psychopath,” and pushed for a criminal investigation.  Assumed normalcy/similarity bias assumes there are limits to human behavior.  Psychopaths cross that limit all the time.  A favorite phrase of psychopaths that one comes across all the time (I once heard it directly from a psychopath in a joking situation):  ‘go ahead and tell, no one will believe you anyway.’
    6. Several of the young women giving victim impact statements described how Larry Nassar stared at them during the whole testimony and how surprised they were.  As a psychopath Dr. Nassar felt no guilt, no bad conscience — there was no reason for him to look away.  Or perhaps he was trying one last pity play, a nonverbal pity play that wasn’t even received due to the fury of the testifiers.  Or perhaps he was hoping they would remember the ‘good times’, when he would be supportive of them, even giving them food against the rigorous training rules.
    7. Larry Nassar’s behavior led to suicides, Kyle Stephens’ father and Chelsea Markham.  Kyle Stephens:  “You convinced my parents I was a liar”.  Victim of ex-USA gymnastics doctor says abuse led to dad’s suicide. Unintegratable psychopathic interference (that blows others’s worlds apart) in other people’s lives is absolutely one of the main causes of suicide.  The article also brings up the suicide of one of the victims.
    8. Arrogance is often the first sign of psychopathy noticed Larry Nassar was sometimes arrogant, sometimes nervous, during only interview on sex abuse — Tim Evans’ 2016 interview of Larry Nassar in the IndyStar.
    9. Larry Nassar should not be considered a normal human ‘who went wrong.’  But rather as an emotional/reality illusionist human alternate.  You and I can carry out two, maybe three, mental tasks at one time — psychopaths probably five or so.  Think of the effort it took for him to molest his charges while talking calmly to their parents who were on the outside of the curtain.  They have different brains from us.  Larry Nassar is a pseudo human, a nonhuman human.
    10. The judge, Rosemarie Aquilina, should order that his DNA be sequenced and released publicly.
    11. The Larry Nassar saga represents a massive failure of adults, of adults failing to live up to their adultness.  I’m sure Dr. Nassar considered the parents too stupid to catch him.
    12. On a personal level I’m still totally amazed by this.  20 years of adult failure.  All of the parents allowed the ‘dry reasoning of the mind’ to override their reading of their daughters’ (and now we know, not surprisingly, sons’) emotional turmoil?
    13. I have no strategy that could have reached them.  In this blog, I think I will simply eschew strategy and simply call ’em as I see ’em.  Obviously, readers can take it however they wish.
    14. It took twenty years to control Larry Nassar.  NYC doesn’t have twenty years to control John Miller of the NYPD.  The presence of a congenitally morally insane individual as Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counter-terrorism must be in contravention of the city charter and the oaths sworn to by the mayor and police commissioner.  I’ll front a lawsuit pro se if any attorneys wish to join me in advisor capacities (I couldn’t be disbarred or punished in other ways).

4 thoughts on “‘Trust me, I’m a doctor, this is a medical treatment’ — Dr. Larry Nassar, psychopath, molests young female gymnasts for 20 plus years

  1. Oops. Forgot my theory of civilization.

    Sam J’s theory of civilization,”Civilization came about because of the rise of empathy. This allowed people to work together”.

    Sam J’s theory of civilization, ”Empathy is necessary to form civilization. As capacity for empathy rose civilization rose with it.”

  2. “…How could he think he could get away with this, II?…”

    I think they are so used to lying to people and seeing people believe them that they assume that they can do so in all cases.

    “…I’m getting more and more convinced that the protection of psychopaths, that the hiding of the true number of psychopaths is not a passive failure of the press, but an active, purposeful effort…”

    I think you’re right. Now just WHO runs all the major media. Who controls all the major media? Why would they be against outing psychopaths? There you have your answer.

    “…They have different brains from us. Larry Nassar is a pseudo human, a nonhuman human…”

    I’m sure I’ve said this before here but I”ll say it again because I believe it’s important. I think I’m the only person directly linking civilization to genetic temperament of humans and empathy. I think this describes who and where psychopaths come from. Civilization is the taming of humans so they can get along without excessive violence or domestication. I’m firmly convinced that a huge, massive problem in the world is psychopaths. I see them as a difference strain of humans. I think humans before civilization used to be mostly psychopaths. The Neanderthals were in Europe for 250,000 years or so and did not much of anything. The consensus is they were very violent. In actuality they were much more like animals. Animals, unless you are close offspring, are only interested in themselves. Anyone in their territory without the power to control them is exterminated. When civilization did pop up it progressed fast in terms of our history overall. A scientific research program in Russia made me think differently about early Man and led me to this idea. The Russian domesticated red fox study.


    I believe that this experiment, while controlling for tameness brought fourth another trait that they haven’t acknowledged. Empathy. I don’t think you can have civilization without empathy. Blacks score very low on empathy and everywhere they predominate there is exactly…no empathy. No civilization. A total Hobbesian world of the vicious and strong preying on the weak. Psychologist have commented on how cold some of the ghetto Blacks are showing no remorse for the most vile crimes of violence against other people. Whites I think have very high levels of empathy. I think non close kin marriage made some of this possible and I believe WWI and WWII vastly accelerated the tend by killing off the most aggressive and psychopathic Whites in mass numbers. This is reversing towards disorder now. Psychopathic numbers are increasing because of the long peace we’ve had.

    The practical implications of this are the presence of order or disorder directly related to how much you can empathize with others. If no one had any empathy then you have huge disorder. How many have you been around people and not killed them when you could have gotten away with it? We don’t kill them because of empathy.

    • I don’t like speculating about the prevalence of psychopathy in entire groups. Very soon we should have population studies of brain structures and specific DNA combinations (I’ve been saying that for years). My approach is that we want all groups to seek out their own psychopaths, not have them unify against the outside world.

      I don’t see why your comment regarding those carrying black African genetics would be true. Africa’s own history was derailed by colonialism. And since independence the ex-colonial powers have been knee capping their past colonies and keep looter elites in power (helped to no end by the American deep state), quite frequently assassinating honest well meaning nationalist leaders. (Now we have looters’ economy here at home, supported by many of the same forces.) Here in the United States, let’s look at Harlem. In the 50s the U.S. had many problems but Harlem was almost great (but with too much poverty). It was a true community. During heatwaves, the norm was to move mattresses to fire escapes and rooftops. That’s inconceivable now. It was after integration and the professional and middle class moved out that the downward spiral commenced. Helped along by the drug dealer profiteers of the American deep state. The condition of the black underclass is the desired condition of all of us to the looting elite. They experiment with them that which they intend to bring to all of us in the globalized world of oases of great wealth surrounded by the majority, dirt eaters of all racers. Or to put it another way all who depend/will depend on social security in their old age are natural allies, any other position is a misunderstanding.

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