Psychopathfree from the wayback machine

Anyone know why it’s not back yet?  In 2016, or so, the author took it private (why not read only?) while he wrote a book.

2 thoughts on “Psychopathfree from the wayback machine

  1. It went private for completely different reasons than the implied ‘author writing a book’ e.g. burnout of moderators who wanted to get on with their own lives and not focus endlessly on the negativity of psychopathy, plus the extremely rapid growth of the site meaning more work for the moderators.


    • Ah. It’s time to move away from the no pay to content providers model. Microcharges (or more) per visit would have been invaluable to Psychopathfree, he could have paid the moderators.

      Everybody acts as though internet protocols are set in stone forever. I think sites should set their own rates. I’m sure my loyal readers would be willing to cough up 20 cents per visit, . . ., well then, how about per day pass? Yes? Hellloooooo?

      Concerning Psychopathfree, just as long as Jackson Mackenzie is fine.


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