Meanwhile, back at the farm . . .

Ah, It’s good to see that my cyber and sometimes physical stalker NYPD Secret Psycho Officer Stealth Angel is in good form.  The latest death threat, yesterday (06/10/21).



Meanwhile, on the home front, I was told that the NYPD has tapped into the live video feed inside my building.  It seems by my old harasser, TLC6Y87/DPL8171/DPAtheBONOBOKING.  I tested this out by taking a pic of the coop board membership list in front of a camera (also so I would have a record of legal responsibility if TLC/DPL/DPA was proven to be involved, lacking a warrant, acting privately, misusing police powers (as he has done for years, over 25 years), etc.).  They all freaked out and now I haven’t seen them for months.  I haven’t seen most of the psychopaths in the building (5 – 6) for months either, since I said I counted on them to silently back me up, or not, on my announcements on publicly known psychopaths (such as the psychopath Cuomo).  Do they all have the feed also?

Psychopathic gang stalking is very real (I should add that our new mailman is also a genetic psychopath in my opinion).  If they are cooking something up, I doubt it’s mac and cheese.  Psychopaths have a natural liars culture (though some don’t engage) and the NYPD has a cultural liars culture.  I’ve filed two FOILs against the NYPD.  In my opinion, they don’t recognize it as the law and lie freely in response (the penalty for their lying is too slight).  From what i’ve seen, most FOILs are denied, the local courts usually back them up, the only hope is in higher appeals.  I’ve also gone to the NYPD’s Dept. of Internal Affairs, the Civilian Complaint Review Board and contacted the ADA Special Prosecutions (?) office.  All three contacts were extremely interesting.

Back to the home front, I should probably publicly identify my building’s psychopaths for my own protection.  However that’s against my instincts, is irrevocable, complicates things with spouses, etc.  I do want to say that I suspect an upstairs neighbor (the worst neighbor I ever had) to be a likely psychopath.  Once, I called her up in the emergency situation of water pouring down from a leaking radiator valve.  Her response, she was sorry for my discomfort but why was I sharing my troubles with her.  HELLO, the problem was in my apt., the cause in hers.  But psychopaths live in a child’s magical world, cause and effect are beyond them.  Another time water was coming down in the bathroom.  I went upstairs to see the shower running hot water full blast against the shower/tub tile wall in order to convert the bathroom into a steam room. HELLO, there’s grout missing between your tiles.  Her response, as I recall, that the super told her that that was no problem.  Was that the first lie that came to mind?  I believe she’s on the board and also was a past board president.

In October, 2020, I witnessed a get together between her and a Janet Malcolm lookalike on a park bench.  Then when this lookalike left she seemed to walk two blocks out of her way, passing within 20 feet of us.  This individual was very thin, so thin that it brought out her heart shaped facial skeletal features, 95 -105 lbs, slightly over 5 ft., dark shortish wavy hair.  Anyone know Malcolm’s physical characteristics?


Meanwhile, during the pandemic, the group therapy cult of the mentally ill evil resurfaced (read People of the Lie, Scott Peck (whom I consider a psychopathy truth martyr)).  During a facetime call to relatives that we decided to make outdoors in a park, a member I recognized suddenly showed up and sat down on the next bench.  The same occurred in a physical get together with other relatives in the same park (though a different cult member showed up).  The latest contact was with a big moose of a man named Mack.  My instant reading of him was that he was extremely troubled, soul wounded, guilt ridden and violent (and he’s a big guy, 6′ 3″, 275 or so). The last time I saw him he was carrying a heavy tree branch on his shoulder like a baseball bat.  If he is a member of the therapy group in question, then there are real problems.

Then in the last few days I’ve been repeatedly running into unmarked police cars cruising by (yesterday there were both my upstairs neighbor and parked, occupied unmarked cars out in the park during my dogwalk).  Presumably nothing to do with me, there’s certainly no reason for it to be.  Unless the liars are lying again.

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