Psychopath on tape — Rodney Alcala

Taped in 1978 for The Dating Game:


This post has received quite a number of visits.  Originally I had no text, only these photos.  Among what I look for are:

  • the proverbial sociopathic hollow eyes described by Cleckley (his book Mask of Sanity is linked to on the right) and Hare (as I recall) — negative in this case
  • adult inappropriate mannerisms and small behaviors that seem to indicate a child in an adult’s body — negative (still images are not optimal for this of course, this is further complicated by us all still containing our child selves)
  • sociopathic level of arrogance and contempt — positive
  • reptilian coldness — positive.

None of these are definitive, but here we have Alcala’s behavior which is absolutely sociopathic.

Additional Alcala post added later:  Rodney Alcala’s Killing Game