Robert Durst – conscienceless, emotionless zombie lifeform

He appears almost totally affectless.  No emotional interaction with others.  Living but cheated of a life.

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More info:

“Bob is incapable of telling the truth,” Douglas Durst said. “He is a true psychopath, beyond any emotions. That’s why he does things, so he can experience the emotions that other people have vicariously. Because he has absolutely none of his own.”

Psychopath on tape — Rodney Alcala

Taped in 1978 for The Dating Game:


This post has received quite a number of visits.  Originally I had no text, only these photos.  Among what I look for are:

  • the proverbial sociopathic hollow eyes described by Cleckley (his book Mask of Sanity is linked to on the right) and Hare (as I recall) — negative in this case
  • adult inappropriate mannerisms and small behaviors that seem to indicate a child in an adult’s body — negative (still images are not optimal for this of course, this is further complicated by us all still containing our child selves)
  • sociopathic level of arrogance and contempt — positive
  • reptilian coldness — positive.

None of these are definitive, but here we have Alcala’s behavior which is absolutely sociopathic.

Additional Alcala post added later:  Rodney Alcala’s Killing Game