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Dr. Zelenko has saved thousands of lives through his Z-Stack protocol and has recently launched Z-DTox, which he advises will help prevent blood clots and help protect those with a compromised immune system, including those who have been vaccinated.

“This is not insanity; this is choreographed. It’s insanity from the person’s perspective to agree to [more shots], but it’s not insanity from the government forces because it’s the whole goal of what they’re doing. They’re accomplishing exactly what they want to accomplish.” – Dr. Zelenko

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Dr. Zelenko: The innate immune system that T cell immunity is actually destroyed by these vaccines. It destroys your T cell function, natural killer cell function, and also suppresses tumor suppressor genes, like taking the brakes off cancer. And so in the two parts of the immune system, which are different, one is upregulated, the other is downregulated. So it’s really creates a immune system dysregulation. Or another way of saying it, it’s an acquired, because wasn’t there before, so it was acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

So it’s a vaccine-induced AIDS. Before most people, I’ve done this many times. So most people AIDS = HIV is crazy. HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus, true. It actually destroys the immune system and causes a syndrome called AIDS. But that’s not the only thing that destroys the immune system and causes a syndrome called AIDS. It turns out, there are dozens of peer-reviewed papers that attest to what I’m saying that these vaccines, especially people, seems to be dose related that had multiple injections destroy their immune system.

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That’s why the funeral directors in Israel, you won’t hear this from the government, saying that they’re overrun, that they’re seeing a 10x or 1,000% increase in death, especially in young people. And it’s so much so that they’re, they don’t have the resources to bury everyone properly. And the official narrative is that people are dying from Omicron. Really? Why is it only Israelis die from Omicron? In South Africa, where it came from, no one died. The doctors were able to treat it. In the United States, no one died, my practice for sure. And there’s a reason why that Omicron, by the way, is much more infectious than even measles. But it doesn’t affect the lower airway in most cases, it affects the upper airway, much less dangerous, causes a bad cold, or maybe a flu like syndrome. But it doesn’t kill you. Why are Israelis dying of Omicron? And they are.

Maria Zeee: Because they are highly, highly injected population whose immune systems have now completely been destroyed, and they can’t handle something as mild as Omicron anymore.

 Zelenko: So around 50% of the Israeli population has AIDS. Israel is the number one country in the world that has four shots, three shots, not sure about two shots but about that, right? So why is the most immunized country in the world experiencing the worst death rates? And why would getting more shots help?

You know, the definition of insanity, according to Einstein, do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. But this is not insanity. This is choreographed, it’s insanity from the patient’s, from the person’s perspective, to agree to it. But it’s not insanity from the government forces because that’s the whole goal of what they’re doing. They’re accomplishing exactly what they want to accomplish. And by the way, all those three things are the result of a human being, three things I mean, population control, slavery, and the changing of the genetic code is the result of a person choosing to be enslaved.


[As always, I am neither endorsing nor disendorsing this site.  I am endorsing the above discussion as being of value.  I do not believe it is disinfo, but will keep my eyes open, as always.]

Non supremacist Israelis, the deep state Zio-Talmudist vampires are drinking your blood.  Experimenting with your children.  STOP THEM!

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