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Ha, that’s a good one.  Actually it’s not a laughing matter, it’s a tragedy for those who believe that.

I’ve known women who, as daughters of sociopaths, only went out with sociopaths.  They were aware of sociopathic traits but seemed to think these traits were simply secondary aspects of maleness.

I’ve also known women who were so needy, disturbed, damaged and so dedicated to their bizarro universe (as are most emotionally disturbed individuals — it’s a very deep psychological choice) that only a sociopath’s mirroring would allow them to feel normal.  In a sense sociopaths take everyone as they are, childish, disturbed, delusional, psychotic, whatever.  Not that there is any charity in the sociopaths’ actions.  Psychological problems simply provide one more lever of manipulation for them — indeed they will often seek out the emotionally impaired specifically because they are easier to con and manipulate.   I would think this dynamic would also work with sociopathic women and impaired men, but I haven’t witnessed this combination personally.

Finally, some individuals teach that there are no differences between the sexes, other than the obvious.  When this belief runs into reality, perhaps the reasoning goes like this:  “Well everyone knows that men and women are identical, . . . but they’re not.  . . .  There must be something wrong with these men, maybe they’re mentally ill.  I know, they’re sociopaths!”  . . .  Or something like that.

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