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Five Reasons To Be Concerned Your Husband Is A Psychopath

It dawned on me a few years ago that our rational lives are like a still pond and madness is the jagged rock thrown into it, creating odd ripples everywhere. And the most powerful madness of all, when it comes to the way the world turns, is psychopathy.

There’s a consensus amongst psychologists that psychopaths — with all their glib charm and grandiosity and the power to effortlessly manipulate — do brilliantly in business and politics.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jon-ronson/five-reasons-to-be-concer_1_b_861092.html

The author, Jon Ronson, goes on to list five traits as possible signs of psychopathy:

1. He was very gallant when you first met him, not so gallant now
2. He’s grandiose
3. He Had Early Behavioral Problems
4. He Engages In Promiscuous Sexual Behavior
, and finally
5. He Spends too Much Time Learning How To Spot Psychopaths By Using the Hare Checklist

Why is number five there?  This suspicion is extremely damaging.  It actually leads to self-censorship by non-psychopaths.  Friends and acquaintances think my ‘fascination with psychopaths’ is very odd.  That makes no sense to me.  They are out there and you need to understand them.

The status quo (thankfully now changing) is similar (as I’ve written elsewhere) to there being a dangerous fish in all the waters of the world that is never mentioned.  That is insane and a failure of each generation to the following generations.

I believe the author’s point five encourages the public to hide their heads in the sand and works at cross purposes with his other points.  Why?

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