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Here are the searches I’ve been found by.  I find it interesting what people search for regarding sociopathy, perhaps it will interest others.  By far the most interest are in the spectacular criminal sociopaths such as Rodney Alcala, Michael Swango, Stacey Castor, etc.  Perhaps because they appear so human, but their behavior is so alien.  I don’t know for sure, however, these visitors don’t usually ask questions.  I’m always happy to expand a post by spelling out “flags of possible sociopathy” if commenters wish me to.

It’s also apparent that many people are in court with sociopaths.  Also quite a few are dealing with being blackmailed.

One area I’m surprised by is the number of searches regarding pseudologia fantastica.  I believe these people are rare, as opposed to sociopaths — at any rate I’ve only known two (that I know of) while I’ve known tens of sociopaths (as have all middle-aged readers of these words).

360 rotational fire
adolf eichmann
affair with a sociopath
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anthony weiner
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brandon darby
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can dogs sense a sociopath
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criminal brain structure
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genetics of sociopathy
gerald loughner
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heidi jones
how do i erase memories in my mind
how do sociopaths choose their victims
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humiliated boy
humiliated boys
i am being blackmailed
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incredible charlie carewe
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intraspecies predators
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is bernard madoff a sociopath
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letting go of a sociopath
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male sexual humiliation
michael swango
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murderers and fmri
my son is a sociopath
naked boy peeing
naked frat boys
national opt out day
neil entwhistle
new yorker sociopath
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norman levy madoff
path whisperer
path whisperer
path whisperer
personal experiences with sociopaths
photos of rodney alcala
picture of thomas capano
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pseudologia fantastica
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reverse blackmail
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rodney alcala
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sex in afghanistan
sex play
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socially adept psychopath
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sociopath and cats
sociopath and incest
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stage 4 breast cancer
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successful psychopaths
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what should you do if you are being blackmailed?
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what to do if you are being blackmailed
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what to do when blackmailed
whatever happened to quinn gray
winning against a sociopath
women psychopaths
working with a sociopath
workplace sociopath

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