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 “This was not a case involving fake 20 dollar bills or tax cheats, these were allegations of a serial rapist who was known to the FBI as the Olympic U.S. doctor with unfettered access to young women”


Of course, the FBI had to protect their co-psychopath.  It’s their prime directive, the green geard trait.  The same with Frank Abagnale.

“That’s why they had to refuse to criminally refer Abagnale of Catch Me, If You Can fame (https://screenrant.com/catch-me-if-you-can-steven-spielberg-leonardo-dicaprio-facts-true-story-creative-liberties/) — they had to obey the psychopath’s Prime Directive, ‘fellow psychopaths must be protected from the normy world at all cost’.”    (https://pathwhisperer.info/2020/07/28/what-do-johnny-depp-and-president-trump-have-in-common/)

Frank Abagnale went on to get married and raise a family.  That’s the whole purpose of the green beard trait.  The biological success of psychopathy depends on stranger psychopaths (here the FBI) helping other psychopaths.

The psychopathic Judge Hiller Zobel did a similar favor to Louise Woodward.    https://nypost.com/2022/02/09/louise-woodward-seen-25-years-after-baby-shaking-death/.  There is a documentary on the case that shows his emotional reaction to the original verdict.


‘Trust me, I’m a doctor, this is a medical treatment’ — Dr. Larry Nassar, psychopath, molests young female gymnasts for 20 plus years

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