Menace to society: Nushawn Williams should be involuntarily committed as a dangerous psychopath

This would do wonders at keeping sociopaths/psychopaths (the terms are equivalent, I use “psychopath” when I wish to be more perjorative) in line.  Most passing sociopaths are very good at assessing risk they just need a reminder now and then.

Menace to society:  Rapist who knowingly spread AIDS must stay locked up

Based on his track record, there is compelling evidence that Nushawn Williams is a sociopathic public menace who must remain confined after finishing a 12-year sentence for statutory rape.

Williams is infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Before his imprisonment, he had sex with scores of women in deliberate attempts to infect them with the deadly disease. Thirteen contracted the virus.

Daily News archives on Nushawn Williams:

As I recall from the original stories he would sometimes have sex with his consorts in public spaces.  Sociopathic development is so primitive there is no reason for privacy to accompany sex — there is no soul intimacy going on.  Like a little child undressing and commencing to play with themself in front of the guests, they can’t imagine what’s wrong — “But it feels so good and natural, whatever could be the matter?”

A note to the young ladies, if you’re invited in front of witnesses to intimate activities, you are not being invited to a soul celebration and as far as your paramour is concerned the activity could be as public as the invitation.  Every male I ever witnessed throwing a very public pass, complete with details, I have come to consider a sociopath.

Spreading AIDs to an HIV infected sociopath is of no more concern than stepping on ants during a nature walk to the rest of us — it goes with the activity.

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3 thoughts on “Menace to society: Nushawn Williams should be involuntarily committed as a dangerous psychopath

  1. This has nothing to do with this particular blog; however, could you be so kind as to outline the argument that supports the idea that a psychopath is responsible for his/her behavior? I understand that the psychopath makes decisions but aren’t those decisions consistently irrational? “The psychopath has rationalizations, not reasons”. Also, doesn’t lack of self control necessarily mean the psychopath has also has diminished responsibility?


    • The interactions between psychopaths and non-psychopaths do not take place on some ice world of disembodied intellects. A person can be attacked by a paranoid schizophrenic with a sword and not take it personally, they don’t consider the attacker responsible for their own actions. Attacks by psychopaths are always taken personally. That’s just the emotional reality.

      On the other hand the way out of a love disaster with a psychopath is to recognize that the person you thought you were in love with was never there. Suddenly a door closes and you’re free.

      On the other hand if a psychopathic criminal could be shown to be psychopathic due to an injury then they would almost certainly be spared extreme punishment but might very well be confined to a mental hospital.

      In this case I don’t know whether Nushawn Williams couldn’t control his actions (which would make him criminally insane imo, which most psychopaths aren’t) or whether it was a choice. But I don’t care either, since the results were/are so calamitous.


      • So, you’re basically saying the debate over psychopathic criminal responsibility is an irrational one. That makes perfect sense. When presence of psychopathy enhances the chances of a death sentence, that’s when down is up and up is down. It’s irrationality born of frustration with a stealthy predator.

        In recent news, look up the Mickey Costanzo murder in Wendover Nevada. They have two confessed murder suspects in jail, yet after two months, nobody has a clue why she was murdered.


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